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Professionals Track

Breakout Session 1: TBA B

By May 21, 2017 No Comments

TIME: 8:30am-10:00am
DATE: Saturday, October 14
ROOM: Hughes
SPEAKER: Dr. Lee Neagle, Executive Director of the Aloria Health Institute

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Healing Through Drama: The use of psychodrama techniques with clients suffering from eating disorders

Code S08 :: Seminar Session :: 1.50 CE hours

Session Description

Psychodrama approaches are beneficial to addiction and eating disorder treatment as the techniques facilitate a much-needed journey into feelings as well as working in the “here and now”. Psychodrama provides the ability for clients to have a corrective experience in the group environment and allows for engagement of not only the “protagonist” but also the role players and audience members. The open-minded practitioner can use these visual and action oriented techniques to help their client “break-through” defenses and provide “a picture” of unresolved conflicts. Practitioners will learn the terminology of psychodrama, determining client’s readiness for psychodrama work, and exploring practitioner’s ability to engage in psychodrama work. Throughout this lecture practitioners will learn the history of psychodrama, learn warm up techniques, introductions, and view/engage in a family sculpt. These techniques will support a client’s ability to see how their eating disorder is impacting their lives and provide an opportunity to examine it in the moment.

Learning Objectives

  • Identity 3 rules of setting up a psychodrama sculpt.
  • Identify 2 indicators that eating disorder clients are ready for psychodrama work.
  • Identify the purpose of a warm up, introduction, and sculpt.

About the Presenter

Dr. Lee Neagle, Executive Director of the Aloria Health Institute
Lee Neagle is currently the Executive Director of the Aloria Health Institute on Education and Research where he assists in program development/implementation, clinical trainings, and research development in the field of eating disorders. Lee currently serves on the board of directors for the residential eating disorders consortium (REDC) and has been clinician for the past 15 years. Areas of specialty include psychodrama, shame, perfectionism, and intimacy. Lee also has helped to create and restructure several eating disorder programs over the previous 8 years.