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Breakout Session 2: TBA B

By May 21, 2017 No Comments

TIME: 10:00am-11:30am
DATE: Saturday, October 14
ROOM: Hughes
SPEAKER: Kelly Roman, Co-Founder, Fisher Wallace Labs

A New Treatment Option for Bipolar Depression May Improve Outcomes for Eating Disorder Patients

Code S11 :: Seminar Session :: 1.50 CE hours

Session Description

A recent NIH funded study determined that 68% of women with diagnosed eating disorders also suffer from co-morbid bipolar disorder. This presentation is designed to introduce researchers, clinicians and patients to FDA-Cleared, wearable neurostimulation that is used today to treat bipolar depression; discuss the reasons why the technology is relevant to eating disorder patients; take a deep dive into recent published research that demonstrates the tech’s safety and effectiveness in treating bipolar depression.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe medical grade wearable neurostimulation.
  • Discuss observational knowledge of the technology’s use by patients.
  • Describe how the technology may be deployed in the treatment of eating disorder patients who are suffering from mood and sleep disroders, and/or bipolar disorder.

About the Presenter

Kelly Roman, Co-Founder, Fisher Wallace Labs
Kelly co-founded Fisher Wallace Labs, a 10-year-old medical device company, where he leads product development, regulatory affairs, marketing, VR strategy. Prior to co-founding Fisher Wallace Labs, Kelly served as an executive at a venture backed software startup, Nielsen Media, and the scientific journal Nature. Kelly is known in the medical device industry as pioneering the commercialization of medical grade, wearable neurostimulation.