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Professionals Track

Breakout Session 3: TBA A

By May 21, 2017 No Comments

TIME: 1:30pm-3:00pm
DATE: Saturday, October 14
ROOM: Earhart
SPEAKER: Page Love, RD, Sport Nutritionist, and Lisa Foppa, LMSW, Therapist, The Berman Center

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How Advanced Therapeutic Techniques Can be Integrated into ANAD Support Groups: Atlanta ANAD Group Success Story – 20 Years Strong

Code S13 :: Seminar Session :: 1.50 CE hours

Session Description

The success of a support group can be determined by multiple factors. This 20 year plus ANAD support group has proven successful because of a variety of factors. Over the years this group has evolved from a single leader to a volunteer rotation of 10 experienced professionals, both therapists and dietitians with eating disorders specialties. Several of the group leaders also work with local treatment IOP/PHP programs and these connections have helped in keeping a continuous flow of clients being referred to the group as well as being able to offer the group insights to different levels of care of treatment available for referral purposes to these levels of care. Group members have shared that facilitators rotating creates an opening for the members of the group to feel more of a sense of ownership. With the group rotation, it’s possible for the group members to feel more integral to the group and it’s more necessary for the group members to assume responsibility for providing mutual support. All the facilitators also work in private practices which has also equally benefitted the referrals to the group. An extensive grouping of resources, including Gurze catalog, brochures from local treatment programs, flyers from other support groups, recovery residences, and tips sheets are available to group member and put out on a sharing table at each group. Advertising for the group is done through our local IAEDP chapter, on the web page of our local non-profit organization: EDIN (Eating Disorders Information Network); group flyers being distributed to all local treatment programs and through the national ANAD website and offices.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how to initiate behavior change and sustain recovery from ED via an ANAD support group.
  • Discuss how to integrate effective therapeutic and evidence-based techniques for eating disorders into ANAD support group process.
  • Determine how to create synergy between group members and the larger ED community to maintain ED recovery via an ANAD support group.

About the Presenters

Page Love

Page Love

RD, Sport Nutritionist

Page Love, RD, is a registered and sport dietitian and nutrition therapist and running a thriving private practice specializing in eating disorders, sports nutrition, and weight management nutrition counseling in Atlanta. She served as the lead nutrition therapist for Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders for over 20 years and has coordinated and run a very successful ANAD group in Atlanta for the past 20 years. She has developed materials for the NEDA, Renfrew Center, Veritas Collaborative, and Eating Recovery Center, and EDIN (Eating Disorders Information Network) and has been published in the Renfrew Perspectives. She currently serves as the Vice-President of the board for EDIN, Eating Disorders Information Network.

Lisa Foppa

Lisa Foppa

LMSW, Therapist, The Berman Center

Lisa Foppa, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social Worker who works with individuals, families, and couples in private practice in Marietta, GA, specializing in eating disorders, mood disorders, trauma, and addictions. She will soon work as a therapist at The Berman Center, a faith-based IOP program for addictions and co-occurring disorders for the Jewish Community in Dunwoody, GA. Ms. Foppa previously worked on the inpatient eating disorder units at River Oaks Hospital, New Orleans, LA and Ridgeview Institute, Smyrna, GA and is a current ANAD support group leader in Dunwoody, GA and NEDA provider.