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Professionals Track

Breakout Session Friday 1

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TIME: 3:00pm-4:30pm
DATE: Friday, October 13
ROOM: Earhart
SPEAKERS: Dr. Casey N. Tallent, and Karen Schneller

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Collegiate Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program: Combining evidence-based technology and intensive outpatient programming to effectively treat college students with eating disorders

Code S04 :: Seminar Session :: 1.50 CE hours

Session Description

College students are at a high risk for developing or having a clinically significant eating disorder; however, a lack of sufficient treatment resources often forces college students to leave campus to pursue inpatient or residential treatment. College counseling center staff are often trapped between not being able to provide the adequate frequency of sessions needed to treat an eating disorder and students not wanting to abandon their academic pursuits to engage in a higher level of care. In order to effectively support colleges students and professionals, a virtual intensive outpatient program (VIOP) for college students that combines the evidence-based approaches of telemedicine and ERC’s intensive outpatient program has been developed. The VIOP program combines the proven excellence of our Intensive Outpatient Program with the convenience of receiving care wherever there is a private space with a computer with video and internet access. By combining telemedicine and intensive outpatient programming, college students are able to engage in their academic pursuits and receive an appropriate level of eating disorders treatment earlier in their illness avoiding having to leave campus to attend a higher level of care. Participants will be able to experience a virtual tour of the program and hear case example.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss this new method of treatment to reach college students in need of eating disorders treatment.
  • Describe how common barriers to treatment are eliminated with this innovative programming utilizing case examples.
  • Discuss the benefits of combining technology and intensive outpatient treatment to effectively treat college students.

About the Presenters

Casey N. Tallent

Casey N. Tallent

Ph.D., National Collegiate Outreach Director of Eating Recovery Center

Casey N. Tallent, Ph.D. is the National Collegiate Outreach Director of Eating Recovery Center and the co-founder of the Nebraska Eating Disorders Network. After working in college mental health for several years, her work focuses on bringing eating disorders programming to college campuses. She is a national speaker at conferences and colleges.

Karen Schneller

Karen Schneller

LMFT, CEDS, DCC, Clinical Director of Virtual Outpatient Services for Eating Recovery Center

Karen Schneller, LMFT, CEDS, DCC is the Clinical Director of Virtual Outpatient Services for Eating Recovery Center. She has spent the last 12 years specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. Karen is thrilled to be offering virtual services enabling college students to have access to quality treatment.