Friends, Family, & Loved Ones Track

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Are you unsure how to help your loved one who is in eating disorder recovery?

It can be confusing. bewildering and terrifying trying to connect with your loved one while they are in recovery. ANAD’s Family, Friends, and Loved Ones Track can help you more successfully navigate your loved one’s recovery with them as well as teach you how to better communicate your own needs and feelings with your loved one in recovery.
ANAD’s 2017 Conference will provide numerous educational opportunities including workshops, panels and experiential events for you to learn what role you can play in your loved one’s recovery, how to best support your loved one, and how best to get the support that YOU NEED AS WELL.
Families, friends, and loved ones play an important role in one’s eating disorder recovery, SO IMPORTANT, that ANAD is designing an all attendee workshop on the first day of the conference with their conference sponsors and numerous treatment professionals so that everyone in attendance at ANAD’s 2017 Conference can see how just how important these relationships are.
ANAD aims to make it easy to talk about family, friend and loved ones’ roles in a way that is blame and shame-free and encourages open, honest, and healing dialogue.

I really want to bring my family, but am concerned with cost. Are there discounts for families?

We offer recovery family ticket for a family of up to 4 for $399 for early bird; and $499 for regular. Early bird pricing ends on July 31, 2017.

Is there a dress code for this conference?

Business casual is usually a good choice for treatment professionals. For everyone else, dress however you are most comfortable. Make sure to pack some comfortable clothing if you would like to attend the morning yoga sessions. Also be sure to pack layers as facilities tend to be kept at a cooler temperature.

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