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Recovery Track

Recovery is Real!

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TIME: 6:30pm-8:00pm
DATE: Friday, October 13
ROOM: Salon I
SPEAKERS: Mona Iguchi, Allyce Torres, Britt Kelleher

Recovery is Real

This panel discussion will feature a wonderful group of diverse individuals who have been in long-term recovery and have a wide range of different experiences to share. This panel will be moderated by ANAD’s Executive Director, Laura Zinger, who is also in long-term recovery.

Questions asked during the panel discussion may include:

  • Is recovery possible without going to treatment?
  • What do you recommend to do if finances prevent someone access from treatment?
  • What do you recommend to do if distance prevents someone from pursuing treatment?
  • If finances are limited, what has been the most important service to receive to promote healthy and long-term recovery? (Dietician, counselor, etc.)
  • What do you recommend to do when you feel stuck or are moving backwards rather than making progress towards recovery?

Attendees can submit anonymous questions for the panel to discuss and answer prior to the conference using the form at the bottom of this page.

About our Panel Speakers

Mona Iguchi

Mona Iguchi


Mona holds an MSc: Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition from University College London, and is currently seeking a MS: Coordinated Dietetic Program at University of Illinois at Chicago to become a registered dietitian, specializing in eating disorders (EDs). She is a co-founder of “CHOICE to recovery from eating disorders”, an international co-ambassador of Project HEAL, and an interpreter/translator, my major work including a translation of “Eating in the Light of the Moon”. Now being fully recovered, her passion is to be an RD who understands the inside out and treatment of clients as an unique individual rather than ED itself. She also plans to contribute to the improvement of ED awareness and treatment situation in Japan.

Allyce Torres

Allyce Torres

Creator of SKIN DEEP

Allyce Torres is a biracial Latinx teaching and applied theatre artist originally from San Diego, Ca. Allyce is the creator of SKIN DEEP, a theatrical initiative for the awareness and treatment of eating disorders. She is dedicated to sharing intersectional stories to destimatize EDs in communities of color. She is also dedicated to reforming mental health policies and legislation to make treatment an actual possibility for more people of color. She has been recovered for about two years, and while the journey hasn't been completely linear, the good days are coming in larger batches and for that, she is so grateful.

Britt Kelleher

Britt Kelleher

Head of Midwest Office of Wellspring Consulting

Diagnosed with Anorexia at the age of 17, Brittany went through a series of clinical programs and therapists before stepping onto her real path to recovery. It was when she met Maria Rago and her feminist-based approach to therapy that Brittany began the road to healthiness. This path was long and, at times, challenging, but through self-exploration, unwavering support, and an ongoing commitment to mindfulness and self-care, Brittany evolved into the strong, healthy person she never thought possible. Now, she speaks with others like herself, who struggling with eating disorders, to inspire hope and let them know that recovery is possible. Brittany is a graduate of Princeton University and currently resides in St. Louis, where she leads the Midwest Office of Wellspring Consulting, a strategy consulting firm dedicated to strengthening nonprofits. More information on Brittany’s recovery can be found in the Huffington Post series “A Tale of a Recovering Anorexic.``

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