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Why should you, as someone in recovery, attend ANAD’s 2017 Conference?

Because ANAD’s 2017 Conference is being redesigned as another ANAD Support Service for those in Recovery and their Family, Friends and Loved Ones, by offering a wide range of information about different eating disorder treatment options and philosophies so that those in Recovery discover over the two-day conference which treatments options and philosophies might be the best fit for them.
ANAD is also creating different workshops, panel discussion and experiential events at the conference for those in Recovery, so they can leave the conference armed with more recovery coping skills, more knowledge about ANAD’s free support services and how these support services can be another important and helpful part of someone’s Recovery plan.
ANAD’s 2017 Conference will introduce those in Recovery to ANAD’s 5 Stages of Recovery model, ANAD’s Writing for Recovery Program, and provide numerous opportunities for those in Recovery to get answers and find the support they need for their recovery.
ANAD wants attendees on the Recovery Track to feel informed, inspired, and even more committed to their recovery when they leave the conference.

ANAD wants to truly help people in recovery believe that THEIR FUTURE IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR! Because ANAD does.

I have a chronic eating disorder. Is this conference for me?

YES. This year, the ANAD conference is focused on providing  educational programming and experiential activities that specifically help anyone in recovery from an eating disorder. We are working hard to provide a wide range of various treatments, support opportunities and recovery tools for those in recovery so they can try out different methods and leave the conference with new coping skills to help them in recovery. We also are designing our conference this year to inspire those in recovery to stay committed to their recovery and to have the hope that they can get better.

Is this conference only for people recovering from anorexia nervosa?

ANAD’s conference is for the wide range of eating disorders including binge eating disorder, bulimia, orthorexia, overexercising, and anorexia. Binge eating disorder is currently the most common eating disorder today, but that does not mean that any one eating disorder will get more attention and support than the others. Eating disorders are invisible and sometimes hard to identify in one’s self. This conference is designed to help provide support for anyone in recovery from any eating disorder, and to help them figure out which treatments, support, and methodologies work best for them in their recovery.

Will there be any quiet spaces?

Absolutely! We will have an area called the Self-Healing Room (sponsored by ANAD Treatment Center Partner and Conference Sponsor, Yellowbrick)  for you to learn how yoga can help you during your recovery, relax, meditate and get away from it all. We understand that this may be an overwhelming experience for you and that you may need space to reflect. We encourage you to use this space as often as needed, but please note that this space will not be used for socializing, etc. This quiet space will also have a section for all faiths to take a break from the conference in order to pray or have a moment of silence as well.

What is the dress code for this conference?

Business casual is what we recommend to our profeessionals, but really, dress however you are most comfortable. If you would like to attend the morning yoga sessions, bring clothing that will enable you to move. Also be sure to pack layers as facilities tend to be kept at a cooler temperature.

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