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If you able to volunteer 6 hours (three shifts) or more, you are eligible to receive a complimentary ticket to ANAD Conference 2017!

Thank you to our wonderful Volunteers!

How Can I Signup to Volunteer at this year's Conference?

Sign up online by clicking the image below. It will open up our signup’s website in a new window where you can view and enter your information for the shifts that work for your schedule. Thank you for helping us! Kaitlyn Pasquinelli, ANAD’s Volunteer Manager, will contact you to confirm your shifts and make sure you have all the important details for the upcoming Conference.

Do I get paid to volunteer?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer volunteers hourly pay in exchange for service. We can offer you a complimentary ticket to the Conference if you are able to sign up for 3 shifts or approximately 6 hours of work. This entitles you to any of the benefits of a regular attendee, including conference sessions, meals, and a cool swag bag! 

Where will I have to go to volunteer?

The Conference takes place at Rosemont Hilton at 5550 N. River Road Rd, Rosemont, IL 60018.

Why Should I volunteer at ANAD?

While we know you can spend your time and effort in many ways, we believe ANAD is worthwhile of your time because we literally save lives! Many individuals reaching out to ANAD are seeking assistance in some way, whether for a person to listen, for help finding a professional to intervene, or to ask questions, that help them take action and steps towards recovery or services to combat an eating disorder. No matter where this individual is on their journey to reclaiming their mind, body, and handle on wellness, they will find ANAD because they are seeking help. And we need wonderful people to help us execute our services to make it possible for anyone finding ANAD to get the resources and support they need to succeed.   

How long are volunteer shifts?

Volunteer shifts are set to 2 hours long each. We require you to sign up for three 2 hour shifts (6 hours total) to receive a free ticket to the conference. If you are willing to volunteer more time, we would be so delighted and honored to have your help!

Do I have to wear anything special to volunteer?

We only require you to wear a Conference name badge so we can easily identify our volunteer helpers at the conference. Otherwise, please wear comfortable, durable clothes. While we want you to be free to express yourself through your clothing style, please wear items that are business casual appropriate. Articles of clothing must be free from profane images or words. Thank you!

Am I required to attend a volunteer training?

We will be offering a very brief tour and volunteer training on October 12, 2017 at 3:00pm at the Conference hotel to familiarize volunteers with session location and position responsibilities. If you are unable to make this training, we will provide you with sufficient materials or guidance to perform your volunteer duties before your shift begins!

I need to contact a staff member about or during the conference, who do I call?

Please feel free to reach out to the appropriate member of our staff for any questions regarding the upcoming Conference.

For Volunteer questions, call Kaitlyn Pasquinelli at (773) 409-4798.

For Exhibitor, technical, or event logistic questions, call Amanda O’Connor at (415) 322-9410.

For Speaker questions or grievance issues, call Laura Zinger at (773) 359-3136.

For Parent Panel questions, call Lynn Slawsky at (773) 234-7356.

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